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BAMM's CEO awarded by his Alma Mater for giving back and achieving success

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, Brandon Armant returned to his alma mater, De La Salle High School, in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the bestowal of one of the most honorable awards he's received in his young career.

The school had named him their 2018-2019 Young Alumnus of the Year. De La Salle honored Brandon, along with Dr. Roland “Butch” Caire, Jr. ’74 (Distinguished Alumnus of the Year), Dr. Wynn C. Russo ’70 (Alumnus of the Year), and Lyndsey Jalvia Jackson ’03 (Young Alumna of the Year).

The honorees were selected by the De La Salle Alumni Association Board because of their service to their alma mater, to the community, and for achieving great success in their lives and careers.

Brandon has great passion and service for De La Salle, having served on the Alumni Association Board in previous years. He has also achieved great success in his blossoming career. At the young age of 25, Brandon was named Director of Communications and served on the senior leadership team for, at that time, the largest network of charter schools in the Gulf South. In 2012, he founded BAMM | A Communications Company that produces creative marketing campaigns and digital media productions, where he serves as the company's President and CEO. Throughout his life, Brandon has received numerous honors and awards for his achievements, but he said this accolade holds special weight.

"To receive this award from my alma mater, the greatest high school in New Orleans, is an honor and a privilege," Brandon said. "It's, by far, one of the awards I hold dearest to my heart because, to be recognized by one of the institutions that helped lay my foundation - to have them say we're so proud of you that we want to honor you - words can't express how amazing that is," Brandon added, while standing in the halls of the institution he spoke about.

Before receiving his award, Brandon had an opportunity to speak to the school's student-body. He used this moment to talk with them about the importance of embracing and learning from failures and obstacles they will meet in life.

"Everybody say embrace your failures," Brandon mandated.

"The reason I acknowledge and embrace my failures is because they've only made me better. My failures have made me stronger and they've made me wiser because they've allowed me to see the mistakes I've made and have taught me how to move forward in a better way....often times, causing a better outcome the second go-round than I would've had the first time around," he told the kids.

Brandon's photo, along with the other honorees, will be placed in the school's lobby for the remainder of the year, and their names will forever be placed in the school's records of honored alumni.


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