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The Kingdom-Driven CEO is an indispensable guidebook for entrepreneurs and executives looking to become more profitable and take their business to the next level, without sacrificing their core values. Written by award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Brandon C. Armant, this book offers readers step-by-step instructions on how to create an actionable framework based on a set of biblical principles. It provides readers with the skills necessary to navigate the difficult challenges of success while staying rooted in faith. With detailed advice and practical insights, The Kingdom-Drive CEO will equip entrepreneurs and executives with the knowledge they need to maintain their values while making conscious decisions and achieving tangible results.

In this book, readers will gain valuable insight into some of the common pitfalls associated with operating a successful business according to biblical teachings. Through examples from others who have demonstrated courage in pursuing success through faith, readers will learn how to stay true to their values even when faced with difficulty and opposition. In addition, The Kingdom-Drive CEO offers invaluable tactics for running an efficient operation that allows for maximum productivity while upholding core values and beliefs.

The Kingdom-Drive CEO gives readers the opportunity to practice what they preach both in business and in life; it is packed full of wisdom for those who need a roadmap to conduct business rooted in biblical principles. Entrepreneurs and business executives who embrace this unique approach can expect success without compromising their beliefs or straying too far from their purpose.

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