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Brandon hosts new radio show and podcast, "The Blueprint," for success - premiering an int

NEW ORLEANS, La. (March 19, 2019) ­­-- Today, respected entrepreneur, journalist, and media guru Brandon Armant premiered his new radio show, "The Blueprint," on WBOK 1230AM. The show will also broadcast via the BAMM Network channel of podcasts.

CLICK HERE to listen to Brandon's interview with Greg Tillery.

In the show, Brandon talks one-on-one with professionals who are excelling within their respective industries. The show looks at the hurdles they've encountered while climbing their way to the top, the lessons they have learned, and their "blueprint" for success.

The first show kicked off with Brandon interviewing entrepreneur and social media influencer Greg Tillery, the owner of We Dat's Chicken and Shrimp. During the show, Tillery talks about his business expanding from a traveling food truck on the streets of New Orleans to three restaurants across the Greater New Orleans area. Tillery also shares struggles he has encountered along the way, including his face with death and how it humbled him to be the successful man he is today.

The Blueprint with Brandon Armant airs on WBOK 1230AM, at 3:00p.m., on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

CLICK HERE to listen to Brandon's interview with Greg Tillery.

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