Brandon talks with Comedian DC Paul about his new comedic heights, and the growing comedy scene in N

NEW ORLEANS, La. (December 31, 2019) - Acclaimed and respected entrepreneur & journalist Brandon Armant talks one-on-one with DC Paul, the "Millennial Arsenio," about his new half hour comedy special "Eighty-Five," and Brandon battles DC in a singing contest with DC's unique social media tune and holiday carol.



to listen to Brandon's interview with DC Paul

DC also talks about what he believes the comedic landscape of New Orleans will look like in the next 5 years.

In the show, 'The Blueprint,' Brandon talks one-on-one with professionals who are excelling within their respective industries. The show looks are the hurdles they've encountered while climbing their way to the top, the lessons they have learned, and their "blueprint" for success.

The Blueprint airs on WTDN iRadio (download the Talk Dat NOLA App to listen), and posted on YouTube, and all streaming platforms.

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